measured mile

measured mile
išmatuotoji mylia statusas T sritis Gynyba apibrėžtis Jūrų navigacijoje – tiksliai išmatuotas ir pažymėtas atstumas, naudojamas kalibruojant laivo lagą (prietaisą laivo greičiui matuoti). atitikmenys: angl. measured mile pranc. base de vitesse

NATO terminų aiškinamasis žodynas. – 3-iasis patais. leid. – Vilnius : Lietuvos Respublikos krašto apsaugos ministerijos Generalinė inspekcija . 2006.

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  • measured mile — noun : a distance of one mile the limits of which have been accurately measured and marked tested his mileage meter by the measured mile * * * measured mile, a course exactly a mile long, either on land or water, used to check the calibration of… …   Useful english dictionary

  • measured mile — noun A length of one nautical mile, the limits of which have been accurately measured and are indicated by ranges ashore. It is used by ships to calibrate logs, revolution counters, etc. as well as to measure the ships speed. <! source , 2002… …   Wiktionary

  • measured mile — In maritime navigation, distance precisely measured and marked, used by a vessel to calibrate its log …   Military dictionary

  • Nautical measured mile — Admiralty Distance Poles at St Abb s Head. A nautical measured mile is a nautical mile which is marked by two pairs of towers. A mile is measure by sailing on a given bearing and lining up the pairs of towers. The start of the mile is recorded… …   Wikipedia

  • measured — measuredly, adv. measuredness, n. /mezh euhrd/, adj. 1. ascertained or apportioned by measure: The race was over the course of a measured mile. 2. accurately regulated or proportioned. 3. regular or uniform, as in movement; rhythmical: to walk… …   Universalium

  • measured — adjective a) That has been determined by measurement. He ran over a measured mile. b) Deliberate but restrained. He argued in measured tones …   Wiktionary

  • mile — [n] 5,280 feet/1.609 kilometers measured nautical, square, statute; concepts 790,791 …   New thesaurus

  • mile — /muyl/, n. 1. Also called statute mile. a unit of distance on land in English speaking countries equal to 5280 feet, or 1760 yards (1.609 kilometers). 2. See nautical mile. 3. See international nautical mile. 4. any of various other units of… …   Universalium

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